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Our book “Beads in a Necklace” launches today!

I’m so excited. Our book comes home from the printer today and

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About Tracey


I'm  Tracey Arial

I explore how Canadians create meaningful lives with true stories about ancestors, businesses, community action and gardening. 

True stories told well can make Canada better. That's my mission through articles, books, courses, the Unapologetically Canadian podcast, leadership in the Coop CAUS nonprofit, and a new app, Eat MTL.

Reading true stories about and by people we identify with helps all of us connect to our missions and feel part of our communities; we feel less alone.

When a friend or colleague needs a compelling one-pager. I refer them to Tracey. She's capable of presenting even complex charities and multi-passionate entrepreneurs simply.

Reford MacDougall, C.M.

Tracey Arial is a writing wise woman with a wealth of knowledge, both conventional and esoteric, about the craft.

She is also a gifted and good-natured editor who can glean, at a glance, the strengths and weaknesses of a student’s work. She then delivers insightful strategies and useful tips on how to quickly improve.

In all my years as a professional writer, I do not think I have ever met a better, or more effective, writing instructor.

Dorothy Nixon, freelance writer

First, Tracey is fun! Both praise and criticism comes with a laugh. She always starts wit the words, phrases or ideas in your story that she liked the best and then gives her constructive criticism. Any critique is always thoughtful and useful. 

Mary Sutherland

Tracey's feedback and writing program have been crucial in advancing my 'creative' business plans. Her ongoing support has kept me focused and on track as I refine my ideas.

Zvi Leve, analyste-conseil en planification et recherche

As a writer trying to record family history and their stories, Tracey has been very encouraging and has given me lots of good advice. I particularly like her "happy face" technique whereby she recognizes the best part of our short stories. I feel very lucky to have her help and encouragement.

Lucy Anglin