Books Authored

I’ve written five book titles and contributed to several others.

Literary Non-fiction

I Volunteered: Canadian Vietnam Vets Remember by Tracey Arial; Winnipeg: Watson & Dwyer 1996; 175 p.; 24 cm; ISBN 1896239145.

Practical Manuals

Cycling in Ontario, 4th edition, by Tracey Arial and John Lynes; Montreal: Ulysses Travel Guides, May 2011; 224 p.; 19 cm; ISBN 978-2-89464-957-2 (print version) ISBN 978-2-89665-031-6 (digital version).

Hiking in Ontario, 3nd edition, by Tracey Arial; Montreal: Éditions Ulysse, April 2010; 288 p.; 19 cm; ISBN 978-2-894644-827-8 (print version) ISBN 978-2-89665-007-1 (digital version); and its predecessors: 2nd edition,, 2005; 295 p.; 19 cm; ISBN 2894646836 (pbk.); and
original in 2001; 339 p.; 19 cm; ISBN 2894643063 (pbk.).

Guide to Government Action for Independent Writers in Canada by Tracey Arial with Trudy Kelly Forsythe; Toronto: Professional Writers Association of Canada, 2009; 169 p.: 30 cm; ISBN 9780981235202.

Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing in Ontario, 2nd edition, by Tracey Arial; Montréal : Éditions Ulysse, 2005; 342 p.; 19 cm; ISBN 2894647077 (pbk.); and its predecessor from
2005; 391 p.; 19 cm; ISBN 2894644434 (pbk.).


Literary Non-fiction

Six chapters, Beads in a Necklace: Family Stories from Genealogy Ensemble, edited by Janice Hamilton and Tracey Arial; Montréal : November 2017, ISBN 978-0-9812352-2-6.

Three chapters, “Martyred Christian Missionaries”; “The Revillon Brothers, from Furs to Film”; and “Aboriginal Elders Used Petroglyphs as Teaching Aids” in Canadian Heritage Adventures edited by Robert Bergen; Ottawa: O’Brien Publishing, 2003; 274p, 31 cm, ISBN 0:9732831-0-6.

Practical Manuals

Two chapters in Fabulous Western Canada: Capture the Excitement of the Great West!; Montréal: Ulysses Travel Guides, c2008; 282p.; 23 cm; ISBN 978-2-89464-875-9 and its predecessors:
Western Canada, version 5 edited by Olivier Gougeon; Montréal : Ulysses, c2006; ISBN 2-89464-508-2; and
Ulysses Guide to Western Canada, 4th edition; Montréal : Ulysses Travel Guides, c2004; 478p., ISBN 2894645082.

A few chapters in Canada, version 6; Montréal: Ulysses Travel Guides, c2006; ISBN 2-89464-622-4.

What is Biotechnology? and several profiles in Biotech Career Guide edited by Julie Barlow; Ottawa: Biotechnology Human Resource Council, 1999; 162p, 22cm, ISBN 0-9684482-0-8.

Several profiles in Look Ahead, Get Ahead: Growing Career Opportunities for Technicians and Technologists edited by Mark Shainblum; Ottawa; Canadian Technology Human Resources Board, 1999; 194p, 28cm, ISBN 0968400728 and 0968400744, includes CD-ROM and instructional guide.

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