Affiliates (Recommended Products)

I use and enjoy the following products. If you decide to try them based on my recommendation, please let them know I sent you by using the links below.


If you want to set up an account at Tangerine Bank, you can quote my orange key, 18434545S1 to get $50 and I get $25. It’s a really low-hassle institution. 


If you’re a Canadian reader, and you want to join Kobo, you can use my affiliate link and get $5 off while getting me a $10 credit on my account. You can also order the recommended books.

You can also encourage me by buying books via the appropriate link next to those I review. I have affiliate links with Indigo, Kobo Brazil and Walmart ebooks in the United States.

Camera Tripod

I use and adore the Switchpod by Caleb Wojcik & Pat Flynn.

Digital Tools

I use Airtable to track digital assets and products. If you choose to try it out using my link, I get a $10 credit.

Use my link to back up everything on your computer with Backblaze and we each get a month free.

My website theme and many of the marketing options on my website come from Thrive Themes. Use my link to sign up, and I get a percentage of your payment.

Fruits and Vegetables

Athletic Greens: I use Athletic Greens daily as a vitamin supplement, something that’s necessary due to my Celiac Disease. Want to try it for yourself? Use my link and you’ll get 5 travel packs for free.

Les Potagers des nues mains: I receive organic vegetables and eggs throughout the summer from Les Potagers des nues mains farm in Sutton. I pick them up at the Verdun Library every second week during the farmers’ market from June 5 until the end of September and then from the greenhouse until mid-November. If you choose to become a new client and you use my link to sign up, I get $20 worth of vegetables.

Lufa Farms: I’m a very proud Lufavore, which means I get a weekly vegetable basket from Lufa Rooftop Gardens. If you decide to order a basket and use my code, TA50107, we both get $10 off one delivery.

Machine Transcription

I use to do an initial transcription of my notes. Use my referral link to try it too.


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