septembre 22, 2022

All of us!

by Tracey Arial in Writing0 Comments

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the screening of « Nous Tous » for the International Day of Peace. Turns out that anyone can watch this very inspiring documentary film by a one-time teacher from France who explored the world looking for people making a difference in their local communities.

The experience touched me deeply given that it was a collaboration between three nonprofits in a new space that we’re strugging to bring alive.

The film captures some of the wonderful leaders Pierre Pirard discovered in Bosnia, Indonesia, the United States and elsewhere. Their stories are uplifting and motivating, but what really inspired me is the universal message that doing hard things to bring neighbours together matters.

I’m sharing the link to the English version below, if you want to watch the film on your own. If you want to see the film in another language or screen the film for a group, please contact the film-makers at their main website.


Tracey Arial

Résolument canadien, Tracey Arial promeut l'entrepreneuriat créatif en tant qu'auteure, chef d'entreprise coopérative, jardinière, généalogiste et podcasteuse.

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