December 24

Farming for the Future with Ramzy Kassouf

This week, I interview Ramzy Kassouf. Kassouf and his partners run Les Jardins Carya, a farm in Senneville, on the island of Montreal.

Les Jardins Carya specializes in lettuce, kale, spinach, sprouts and other greens.

Ramzy and I spoke about the importance and challenges of sustainable farming. He also talked about the need to support one another during hard times and his appreciation for Canada’s diversity.

Jardins Carya just started collaborating with a mushroom producer and various restaurants, chefs and caterers. Together, they create a weekly winter basket for people like me who love fresh-grown produce all year. Here’s what I’ve received so far:

By the way, the plastic-looking containers you see in the photos are PLA, a compostable material made from corn husks and other natural fibres. They can be broken down in my city compost system. They cost a bit more, but Ramzy and his partners work hard to solve ecological problems.

For more info, refer to the Jardins Carya website.

If a farmer near you offers a winter basket, you’ll definitely want to partake. There’s nothing like fresh-grown produce to help your body heal from a cold winter day.


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