How can I use resolutions to set the year up in positive way?

I’ve almost finished my five-year marketing plan and have finished four quarterly sprints with specific word count, revenue and product creation goals next to each one. I’ve never set up this many accountability goals before, but am trying it this year to see whether it will help me cut out some activities and create more.

Overview of my mood

pandemic, no break, too busy, not enough change of scenery, too much paperwork

How can I go forward into this year in a positive way that gives me energy?

  • Set up clear accountability goals that scare me a little
  • Rely on other people more—I’m hiring three people this year, plus a bunch of people for the cooperative
  • Automate more functions

My clear accountability goals are set up in four three-month sprints—I’ve probably been too ambitious for these sprints, but tracking how the first one goes will help me revise the other three.

I’m going to track how many words I produce in my morning writing sessions—this was a habit I established during NaNoWriMO and I found it really useful.

Word of the Year


Theme in 2020


Upcoming Projects

Inspiring Mentors

Michael La Ronn: I like receiving Michael’s emails, because he has lots of productivity tips, like the one where he used word counts to accomplish novel, short story and business copy writing goals.

Nick Stephenson: Nick’s emails are hilarious, and I really like the guest post on his blog about finding time to write by Therese Caruana too. Both of these remind me how lucky I am that my children are adults.


Tracey Arial

Unapologetically Canadian Tracey Arial promotes creative entrepreneurship as an author, cooperative business leader, gardener, family historian and podcaster.

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