Want To Attract Amazing Partners, Enthusiastic Funders, Ideal Clients and Talented Employees?

How Profiles Work

You know that your business does good in the world, but you're struggling to write your purpose story.

Pretend you're a journalist and write one long story that includes your history, your strengths, your weaknesses and your business philosophy. That's a profile. You can shorten and revise your profile to quickly create everything you need for all your communication channels. You'll also be ready to write a book if you want!

What is a profile and who am I?

What does a profile do? 

Profile your business in a speech

Use a profile to launch a business

Define your nonprofit with a profile

Profiles help handle transition 

I believe that truthful straight-forward content attracts the perfect people you need to accomplish your mission

Tracey Arial, author and creative entrepreneur

Have you ever tried to write a business description for your annual report and then noticed that it didn't work as well on your website?

Can you shorten a three-page 1,500-word story about an amazing solution to a business struggle so that it fits into a box on a funding proposal?

Writing can be tough, especially when you really care.

That's why I've created a four-step process to profiling your business that allows you to describe your story in as little as time as possible. The steps are all outlined in the Profile Your Business Ultimate Guide.

Or you can follow the steps slowly with assistance by joining my profile your business course.