Want To Attract Amazing Partners, Enthusiastic Funders, Ideal Clients and Talented Employees? You need a business profile!

Why do you want a business profile?

  • You know your business does good in the world, but you're struggling to define your purpose.

  • You think you'd like to write a book, but you're having trouble getting started.

  • You want to express yourself well on social media, in grant applications and during funding requests. 

A profile will help.

To write one, pretend you're a journalist covering your business. Write one long story that includes your history, your strengths, your weaknesses and your business philosophy in tidy readable prose. That's a profile. 

Get started on your business profile by answering 3 questions: 

How Does Your Business make the World better?

This 3.5-minute video gives three examples of companies that make the world better. I hope it inspires you to tell us how your work does the same. 

Why are YOur clients amazing?

When you profile your business, you need to ask why your clients are amazing. What do they do that no one else can do? How do they serve people? Your business is about about helping them do what they do and your story needs to explain why that task matters. 

What inspires your employees?

Your employees are the face and heart of your business. They know how to make your business shine.

Want to write a profile step by step with assistance?

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I believe that truthful straight-forward content attracts the perfect people you need to accomplish your mission

Tracey Arial, author and creative entrepreneur