October 28


Montreal Mayor: Press Overview

By Tracey Arial

October 28, 2013

There are lots of articles about the upcoming election that are worth reading whether or not you agree with the stance of the people writing them. They include:

Cult Montreal

Want a bit of a laugh? Check out Cult Montreal’s best graffiti on Montreal mayor candidate campaign posters at http://cultmontreal.com/2013/10/montreal-mayoral-campaign-posters/

Globe and Mail

Konrad Yakabuski argues strenuously in favour of Montreal mayor candidate Côté and against Montreal mayor candidate  Coderre at:


La Presse

La Presse has taken an American concept and asked each of the top candidates for Montreal mayor to reveal their annual revenue last year so that voters can see who influences them. Read the results at http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/elections-municipales-2013/montreal/201310/23/01-4702598-mairie-les-candidats-ouvrent-leurs-livres.php

Le Devoir

This interview with the head of the STM in response to Montreal mayor candidate promises might be prescient: http://www.ledevoir.com/politique/montreal/390933/la-stm-maintient-ses-objectifs-malgre-les-elections


Martin Patriquin has written a must-read article about problems in the city and whether Montreal mayor candidates can solve them at:


The Suburban

Suburban editor and Metropolitain publisher Beryl Wajsman has several ideas for whomever becomes the next Montreal mayor at http://www.thesuburban.com/article.php?id=2163&title=Montreal-Can-Work!-Let’s-Just-Do-It!

[Note to readers: I freelance for Beryl at the Suburban.]

Wednesday Night

For more links to some of the many articles published throughout the election, check out Diana Nicholson’s collection at:


(Note to readers: Diana is the gracious hostess of Wednesday Nights, a salon that I often attend.)

Tracey Arial

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  • And thanks again for rounding up items I had not seen!! An impressive initiative!

    I loved the Côté/Batman! It even looks like his councillors in the poster are getting a charge out of it too… Perfect! (I’m starting to feel for these politicians: they’ve got to be ready for anything!)

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