May 30


Marcel Durand and the Case Against EMFs

By Tracey Arial

May 30, 2018

electromagnetic fields, EMF

Marcel Durand says that a Hydro Transmission line passing close above his workshop led him to become hypersensitive to less severe forms of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) such as those coming from cordless phones.  He built himself a Farraday cage to sleep at night. He also believes his experiences led to his leukemia.

When he discovered that others also suffer from similar incidents, he helped launch a lawsuit that alleges industry and governments have been colluding to hurt Canadians since 1999. He wants the court to force them to protect our health before more damage occurs.

I met Marcel and learned about the lawsuit because my husband is serving as one of the technical experts to that suit. A hearing to determine whether the case will become a class action took place early in May 2018 and Marcel spoke to me about his experiences that week. Listen to our conversation on Mixcloud.


Tracey Arial

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