June 15


Canadian Blogs I love

By Tracey Arial

June 15, 2013

There are four types of blogs I love reading: community news, informative rants, personal musings, and blogs about the business of writing.

Many of my favourites are based in Montreal, but there are several worth reading in the rest of Canada too:

Community News

People who know technology, journalism, politics, food and other news beats have joined an active community news aggregator site founded by Ben Peterson and Jonathan Wong. Newsana.com has been a great way to keep up with the best stories about subjects I care about. The news site blog http://blog.newsana.com/ shares updates about how our community is evolving.

I’ve also joined spundge.com, a collaborative site that enables me to aggregate links to important stories by others on my own blog for readers to discover. Their blog keeps members up to date with what’s happening at http://blog.spundge.com/. For a sample of how I’m using the service, check out http://traceyarial.com/blog/verdun-news/.

A group of ecologists and community activists have created an inspiring public space in Toronto at the old brickworks site on the Don Valley River. I keep up with their activities through the http://info.evergreen.ca/en/blog/entries.

Informative Rants

My favourite all-time blog to read is the one written by Ottawa doctor Yoni Freedhoff at http://www.weightymatters.ca/. Freedhoff campaigns for healthy weight by pointing out nutritional lies and exaggerations told by major corporations, governments, schools and anyone else he notices. Be sure to check out his post about Canada’s Food Guide to UNHEALTHY Eating.

I’m just starting to get into the Homeless Hub newsletter distributed by the Canadian Homelessness Research Network, but the implications of the research at this site are mindboggling. See how important shelter is at http://www.homelesshub.ca/Default.aspx.

Everyone interested in the Canadian Magazine industry enjoys the blog by D. B. Scott at http://canadianmags.blogspot.ca/. Scott talks about layoffs, pay rate drops and other disasters in an impassioned ironic blunt way.

Personal musings

Several writers I know publish blogs about their lives as business entrepreneurs, moms, creative spirits and adventurers.

One of my favourites is Lisa MacColl, who guest-blogged on Wednesday. Check out her poetic posts about daily living at Lisa Mac’s musings.

This week, my friend Doreen Pendgracs wrote about the emotional heartache when a beloved pet dies.

I’d been reading the musings of Michelle Greysen, a colleague at the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) for several years at http://apps.landlockedcottage.com/Blog/, before I finally got to meet her at a conference last week. She’s just as opinionated and funny in person as she is on her blog.

I began reading Perry Greenbaum’s blog when he lived in Montreal. Greenbaum’s musings about living with cancer and politics are just as interesting now that he’s in Toronto.

Suzanne Boles musings about her husband’s illness and death, writing and the freelance life and anything else she considers important are always worth reading.

The Business of Writing

Interested in how one goes about setting up a freelance writing business? Consider reading either Nate Hendley’s blog or Paul Lima’s blog. Both are full of great hints.

John Degen posts the latest news about the writing industry and interjects with podcasts of his interviews with Canadian poets.

Peter D. A. Warwick muses about the business of freelance writing.

All of the above

My friend Ann Douglas has several blogs. Her social justice commentary can be found linked to her Citizen Parent radio show blog at http://citizenparent.com/. She’s also started documenting her weight loss and active lifestyle  at http://bravenewblog.net/. Her parenting musings are at http://having-a-baby.com/news/. Her writing musings are at http://thisisyourwritinglife.com/. Pick any of the above for a great read. Her older work is also well worth reading at http://anndouglas.blogspot.ca/.

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Tracey Arial

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Tracey Arial helps Canadians create meaningful lives with true stories about ancestors, businesses, communities and ecology.

  • Thanks Tracey for your great BLOG! … and the mentioning my Landlocked Cottage lifestyle BLOG – and the great compliment – “She’s just as opinionated and funny in person as she is on her blog.” – glad to have met you too at PWAC AGM MagNet conference earlier this month in TO.

    I also blog on vintage and antiques and the Thrifty Lifestyle at http://thriftydiversions.blogspot.ca/
    And my writer blog has just recently moved to http://michellegreysenblog.blogspot.ca/


  • Thanks for the mention, Tracey. It’s nice to be included among such a great list of creative thinkers.

    That’s what I love about PWAC. We are all so diverse and talented in our own ways. I have learned so much from my PWAC colleagues. I shall tweet your link so that some of my followers can look you and our colleagues up.

    Great seeing you in Toronto.

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