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Hi. I'm Tracey. I help Canadians grow with Notable Nonfiction in the winter and urban agriculture in the summer.

Hi, I'm Tracey

I ​​​​help Canadians grow with notable nonfiction in the winter and urban agriculture in the summer.

Nine of us have compiled family stories about our ancestors into a new book called Beads in a Necklace. It's on sale for $20 in Montreal at: 

  • Livres Presque 9/Nearly New Books, 5885 Sherbrooke O; Montreal, Quebec H4A 1X6, 514 482-7323
  • Coles, 366 Avenue Dorval, Dorval, QC H9S 3H8
  • Clio, Plaza Point-Claire, 215 N. St. Jean, Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 3J1,
  • May’s Studio, 459 Main Road, Hudson, Quebec.
  • The Ontario Genealogical Society has a digital copy available for $3.80.
  • An Amazon Kindle edition is available for $3.89.

Do you want to use nonfiction to grow?

Notable nonfiction is well-crafted, surprising and thought-provoking.

Reading it combats loneliness, introduces new friends and mentors, helps create different habits and opportunities and challenges identity.

Writing takes that transformation even deeper.

A good biography or ancestor profile encourages deep reflection about identity and the meaning of life.

Book-length notable nonfiction ensures that all facets of an idea can be adequately and deeply investigated.

Journalism exposes truth, helps people solve problems, keeps authorities in check and encourages engagement in democracy and community. 

Businesses can create partnerships, build loyalty and express value through good content and a strong profile.

Do you want to live a seasonal life?

Seasonal living means changing how I eat, exercise and work as the weather changes, at least eight times a year. 

It also means changing my work schedule. In the winter, my main focus remains helping clients grow with Notable Nonfiction with one day devoted to urban agriculture. In the summer, the schedule switches with one day of writing and the others days as part of the composting, gardening, farmers' market and cooperative buying centre teams at CAUS and Grand Potager.

Come visit us at the Verdun Municipal Greenhouses any Tuesday, at Seedy Saturday on March 10, on April 22 earth day, or at Cultiver Verdun May 26 and 27.

I'm also at the Verdun farmers' markets between July and October.

Do you want to get active in your local community?

For several years now, I've been actively involved in building local organizations, running for municipal politics and creating connections with people within 100 miles of where I live. 

Getting engaged locally has enabled me to connect with impressive leaders from community groups, education, farming, health, law, politics and religion. 

I've started reviewing restaurants in the area, particularly those who serve gluten-free menus, since that's what I need.

I've also created articles, booklets and presentations about the neighbourhoods, city, province and country in which I live.

Recently, I started putting some of my interviews into a podcast so that others can get to know all the wonderful people I've met.

The process has combined with my efforts to live seasonally to make me feel more Canadian, which is why I started the Unapologetically Canadian podcast to explore that identity.