My Three Favourite Website Tools for Writers

June 26, 2013

There are lots of different possible website tools for writers. Here are the three I use most.


Almost everything I want to do can be done via Google, from searches to word translation. I particularly like Scholar, that allows me to search academic papers and Books to search through the online text of books. Their alert service also works very well. All those services are in addition to their social media sight (Google +), a video-conferencing sight (Hang-out), a video-sharing site (Youtube) and a blog post mail program (Feedburner). Everytime I look at their selection of products, there’s something I haven’t previously noticed.

Check it out at


Spundge allows one or many people to collaborate to create themed notebooks from just about anything you can find online. Then you can post your notebook on a blog or send it to someone via email. You might be able to do a ton of other things as well, but I’m still exploring.

Check it out at


Newsana is an invitation-only content-collaborator for news hounds like me. By participating in the community, I can see the top five stories in five subjects every day. I haven’t used this service as much as I’m sure I will, but it’s already saved me lots of time by directing me to the best stories in my topics. I follow Canadian politics, journalism, food and cooking, social justice and the environment. It’s become my favourite news channel.

Check it out at

What are your favourites?

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  • JC Hammond says:

    I haven’t heard of Newsana but it sounds intriguing, I’ll have to check it out. Not a huge Google fan, but it has some advantages, especially some of the Chrome plugins and extensions. Spundge sounds similar to Moxtra except that Moxtra is Facebook centric. I like using it but if Spundge can cut that cord and allow me to share notebooks on other networks I could possibly be lured away… Thanks for the great info!

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