A Mentor for us all: Warren Buffett

Since Berkshire Hathaway holds its annual shareholders’ meeting today, it’s a good time to consider the career of Warren Buffett.

Warren-Buffett-9230729-1-402I began looking at Buffett’s career in part due to the weekly advice I’m getting as part of a group of social changemakers who are being coached by Ryan Eliason. Every week, Ryan reminds us to look for mentors that we can emulate in some way to become better business people.

So I’ve been looking around.

My brother-in-law frequently reminds me of how important Warren Buffett has been to him since meeting the man several years ago. I’ve never met the man, so my admiration is based on John’s comments and various articles by and about Buffett.

Some of the best include:

Warren Buffett’s famous Stop codding the super rich;

Alex Malley’s description in The Four States of Warren Buffet;

Josh Funk’s If you think he’s off his game, just remember all those other times everybody thought he’d lost it;


An excerpt from Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders as it appeared in Fortune;

and my absolute favourite:

Warren Buffett’s own Warren Buffett is bullish … on women.

Now the question is, what will I do to emulate him?

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