Wanklyn consultation now underway

September 10, 2015


This month, Montreal’s public consultation office (Office de consultation publique de Montreal  or OCPM) begins holding hearings into the residential project to be constructed on a 47,139-square-metre triangular property between Cherry Lane, Jean-Milot, Wanklyn and Highway 138 in LaSalle.

The owner, The Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ, prop
oses to build 786 units and a park on the site, including 119 units for people with low and moderate incomes, 230 units for first-time buyers who need government assistance to purchase a condo, and 437 rentals, condos and/or seniors’ units.

The office will hold an information session about the project on Tuesday, September 15 at 7 p.m. at the Sofia reception centre, 420 Avenue Lafleur in LaSalle.

Three commissioners have been appointed to conduct the consultations. They are: Bruno Bergeron, who participated in developing the Vincent d’Indy de Boucherville Park; Arlindo Vieira, who was behind a report about the under-representation of minorities in the public service when he led the Conseil des relations interculturelles; and Luba Serge, a specialist in analyzing social housing.

Anyone who wants to submit comments or recommendations about the project will be able to do so on Tuesday, October 13 in the same location at 7 p.m. To do so, however, they must make an appointment with Gilles Vézina at (514) 872-8510 prior to, or on, October 8.

Several LaSalle residents will probably participate in the hearings. The current project is essentially the same as one rejected by local citizens in 2012 due to concerns about traffic, parking, snow-clearing and noise. The developer submitted several reports about these issues to commissioners.

The borough of LaSalle also submitted its own reports about the project, including a copy of the borough’s zoning, architectural bylaws and housing strategy; a copy of Montreal’s master urban plan and a copy of the regional agglomeration master development plan.

Ironically, the OCPM is holding hearings into Montreal’s regional development plan on the same evening (October 13) as their Wanklyn consultation. Anyone who wants to present a brief about Wanklyn will not be able to follow or participate in hearings about the overall regional plan.

The Wanklyn consultation is outlined on the OCPM website at http://ocpm.qc.ca/node/4287 and the documents about the project are located at http://ocpm.qc.ca/ilot-wanklyn.

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  • Sonja Susnjar says:

    Those more comfortable in expressing themselves in English will be able to do so verbally or in writing as at least one commissioner is always bilingual in these consultation sessions, Mr. Vézina told me yesterday. He is very helpful and will explain the entire process to anyone who wishes to know more, so don’t hesitate to call him with any questions.

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