Trottier reserves name for new party

January 14, 2016

Independent Laval councillors Michel Trottier and Pierre Anthian are cooperating to create a new political party in time for the next elections in November 2017.

“If we do nothing, we’re going to arrive in 2017 with only one party as we were at the time of Vaillancourt,” said Trottier. “I think that Laval citizens need a choice. When you look at the current situation in Laval, there is the Mouvement Lavallois [Marc Demers’ party] that is very well organized, but there’s nothing else. There’s Action Laval that has one councillor and no membership.”

For now, Trottier will function as the leader, but they’re looking for something with more experience to take on that role permanently.

“Michel and me, we have lots of good volunteer energy and we make good councillors but becoming mayor requires someone with more experience and a good history of leading lots of people,” said Anthian. “I’m a good soldier, but I’m not a general.”

Trottier applied to reserve the name “Parti Laval” on November 17. He has until May 17 to officially establish the party with a list of at least 100 members, a board of directors and a schedule of activities.

Trottier says that he, Anthian and 13 local leaders will meet on January 19 to finalize a board of directors and establish a calendar for the next few months. They already have 100 people who have signed on as members, and they’re planning to hold a general meeting in February.

Political operative Emilio Migliozzi floated the idea of a party called Evolution Laval on his Twitter feed last month, but he hasn’t taken any official action since then and says he’ll stay in the background until he sees how things evolve over the next few months.

Independent councillors Alain Lecompte and Jean Coupal are also holding off until they see a new leader and stronger vision for the party.

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