OMHM Lawyer Objects to Court Delay for Senior Seeking Medical Treatment

February 9, 2012

On January 23, Marc Charland wrote a letter to the scheduling agent at the Quebec Rental Board asking him or her to ignore a January 18 letter from Daniel Palladini.

“En effet, il apparait que ladite lettre de M. Palladini, laquelle n’est aucunement corroboré par quelque pièce justificative, est tout à fait inadmissible et dilatoire,” [In fact, it appears that the aforementioned letter from M. Palladini, which is corroborated by no evidence, is completely inadmissible and dilatory.] wrote Charland in a letter signed by someone with the initials ‘KS’. “En consequence, nous vous prions de ne pas tenir compte de ladite lettre de M. Palladine et de fixer la continuation de l’audition le plus rapidement possible.” [Therefore, please pay no attention to the aforementioned letter by Mr. Palladini and set a date for the continuation of the hearing as soon as possible.]

Palladini is a 70-year-old facing eviction from the Manoir Bernard, a subsidized residence in Pierrefonds. Charland, a principle partner at Charland & Séguin in Montreal North, is representing the Office Municipal d’Habitation de Montreal (OMHM) in the case.

The two last saw each other on January 12th, when Commissioner Rosario Nobile charged them with agreeing to two specific dates for the hearing to continue.

Palladini’s letter, in which says that he will be out of the country until March 5, was addressed and faxed to M. Charland personally and copied to the Regie du Logement and Nobile.

Charland’s letter is addressed to the “Maitre des Roles” at the rental board. He did not send a copy to Palladini, who picked it up himself from the Regie when he went to get audio copies of four days of testimony that’s taken place in the hearing so far.

The move is the latest frustration for Palladini, who is trying to plan a trip to Cuba to have dental work and eyelid surgery done.

For three years, he’s combined medical treatment with a vacation in the sun. He says he pays less than half for the combination than he would have to pay for subsidized dental work at home.

“I’m exhausted and I want to have medical treatment at the same time,” said Palladini. “The lawyer has never contacted me. I spoke to him at this time last year when I rushed back from Cuba. I sent him a letter asking for a copy of the evidence and he said he’d give it to me when the hearing commenced. He gave Maitre Beauchamps (Palladini’s then-lawyer) a 40-page document at the beginning of the hearing and she’s supposed to represent me. This is not a typical landlord tenant squabble.”

(This article appeared in the West Island and city editions of the Suburban yesterday.)

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