City Hall Executive Committee Round-up

February 4, 2015

Montreal’s executive committee focussed on renovations, soccer and Montreal’s 375th Anniversary at the January 14 meeting.

City Hall Renovation

Loans for almost eight million dollars were approved for the renovation of City Hall, with half of that coming from the agglomeration.

Municipal Courthouse Renovation

The renovation of the Municipal courthouse will cost $8,500,000, with six million coming from the agglomeration.

A renovation permit for an 1840’s structure in Ville Marie was also granted.

Mountain River Walk

Councillors also approved 31 M$ in funding for a Mountain to River walk to honour Montreal’s 375th birthday, all of which will be paid for by the agglomeration.

Gilles-Villeneuve Circuit Improvement

The agglomeration will also pay 30 million dollars to improve the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The approval of a contract to bring the Formula 1 to Montreal until 2024 was approved at a previous meeting on December 17.

Diane de Courcy’s New Job

Diane De Courcy was given a contract in camera for $95,000 a year over two years for an unspecified mandate. De Courcy heads Je Vois Montreal, which has become Je Fais Montreal.* A budget for $125,589.40 was set aside for 2015.


A public tender for multimedia equipment in the Montreal soccer stadium was discussed behind closed doors.

TEQ Inc. was also given another three million dollars for the Soccer Centre of Montreal project in an in-camera discussion.


Note: This article appeared on page 12 of today’s Suburban.

*The original article made an incorrect assumption about this mandate.

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