LaSalle Public Consultations March 25

March 10, 2014

The borough of LaSalle plans to consult its citizens about five different proposed bylaws on March 25 at Borough Hall, 55, avenue Dupras at 7:30 p.m.

Two proposed bylaws concern shared parking spots near Metro stations. The other three concern the installation of telecommunication antennas and supports for antennas.

Several citizens asked noteworthy questions during the same meeting.

Joseph Pugliese asked why the owner of  the vacant lot 1234071 between the Legion and the Apero Condos pay a total of only $190.07 in property taxes while their neighbours pay thousands.

Steven Laperrière* asked why Richard Deschamps and Manon Barbe supported the Montreal budget after speaking against it during the last borough meeting.

We’ve asked M. Coderre to give us an idea of what might happen over the next five years,” responded Barbe. “Our second point was that we hoped that we could review the “dotation” given to boroughs. There’s a committee made up of elected and bureaucrats to look at it.”

Sonia Susnjar* asked the borough to offer more clarity on meeting agendas and complained in particular about the motion to accept six uni-family residences on Boulevard LaSalle between Alepin and Allion.

Last month’s agenda included an item that noted the addition of a terrasse to a particular site,” she said. “At the meeting, the motion was changed to constructing six buildings on the site. That seems like a bigger change than last minute discussions would imply.”

*The original version of this article spelled Mr. Laperrière and Ms. Susnjar’s names incorrectly. My apologies.

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  • Steven Laperrière says:


    Thank you for the correction and continued coverage of issue concerning LaSalle.

    We appreciate it!

  • Thank you for reporting on the facts at LaSalle borough council meetings. With regards to the question I asked Mayor Barbe regarding the municipal taxes being non existent for the owners of the vacant lot between the Royal Canadian Legion and the Apero terrain (Shevchenko street between Jean Chevalier and Bouvier Street), If I may also point out that Mayor Manon Barbe confirmed that she will be looking into this matter with a follow up to be announced in the near future.

    Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre has also been informed about this tax issue in which his office equally confirmed a follow up to this issue.

    As a taxpayer I find it very disturbing to know that the owner of this lot is only paying 190.00 of garbage and water tax while every other terrain surrounding is paying the same tax plus thousands of dollars more for municipal taxes on thier respective lands.

    Why is this landowner exonerated from paying tax ?

    Why is his terrain evaluated at 2 dollars on his 2013 municipal tax account ?

    Is there something wrong with his terrain ?

    Looking foward to Mayor Barbe and Mayor Coderre’s replies.

    On a final note, many thanks to you Ms Arial for all your efforts in the name of full transparency and open participatory democracy within our borough council meetings. . Since the absolute removal of The Lasalle Messenger covering borough council meetings in Lasalle, It is re assuring to see your initiative towards the citizens of Lasalle.

    Please keep up the great work !!

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