LaSalle Police Begin Spring Patrols of Newman and Dollard

March 28, 2013

police patrol car

Police plan to patrol Newman Boulevard and Dollard Avenue frequently between now until St. Jean Baptiste. This is the second year for the biannual intensive patrolling.

“Our big challenge was to reduce accidents and give police officers the opportunity to take care of that kind of problem.” said Pierre Liboiron, the chief of Station 13. “Last year, this operation reduced the accident rate by 14% over the year before. We went from 1,045 accidents in 2011 to 919 in 2012.”

During the operation, officers will be particularly vigilant for cars moving into reserved bus lanes in the morning, speeding on Dollard north of Newman, and drivers who are forced to make left turns. By coordinating with officers from one of four traffic units in Montreal, LaSalle borough police plan to ensure a daily presence on both Newman and Dollard for the last six weeks of the period. The same operation also occurs in September after children go back to school.

In 2011, drivers trying to make left turns when it wasn’t safe caused 135 accidents. The following year, police gave out 300 tickets to drivers who sat in the middle of intersections before it was safe to turn. Liboiron says that this is the key reason by there were only 67 accidents caused by forced left turns between January and September.

“The problem is that drivers want to turn left on a green light,” says Liboiron. “They wait in the middle of the intersection and the traffic light turns yellow and they are in a hurry to turn left, and they think the other one will stop but the other one thinks he’ll just get through the intersection before the light turns. That’s the way we have a lot of accidents.”

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