June 22 in LaSalle, Crawford Park School and Lachine 350th

June 15, 2016

Two stories appeared in the city edition and one story appeared in the West Island edition of The Suburban today.

LaSalle to hold public consultation June 22

The story on page A7 of The Suburban outlines four projects that will be presented to citizens by the borough of LaSalle at a public consultation on Wednesday, June 22 at 7 p.m. The consultation will take place in borough hall, 55 Dupras at 7 p.m.

Crawford Park School plan revised a third time

The story on page A12 of the City edition of the Suburban details Marguerite-Bourgeoys school board’s third revision for the Crawford Park School in Verdun. The plan will be considered by borough councillors during their July meeting.





Lachine to celebrate 350th Birthday

Lachine’s plans for their 350th birthday next year are detailed on page A8 of the West Island edition of The Suburban.

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