Lasalle Borough Sets June 21 for Register about Wanklyn Island Zone Changes, If Needed

May 17, 2012

During the question period at their borough meeting on May 7, LaSalle Borough officials said that the proposed bylaw for three lots won’t change, despite Merlin Immobilier’s decision to lower the height of their buildings in their two projects.

“We aren’t changing the bylaw, but we are changing the heights of these two projects because of a technical issue,” said LaSalle Mayor Manon Barbe, in answer to a citizen question. She said that LaSalle plans to follow the usual legal process for a bylaw revision. “The legal notice will appear in the local newspaper on June 19 and a register, if one is required, will be held Thursday, June 21.”

The zone change affects 47,139 square metres between Cherry Lane, Jean-Milot, Wanklyn and Highway 138 in northwestern LaSalle. Known as Ilot Wanklyn, the current lots—1930409, 1930411 and 1930278—are owned by the FTQ through two companies, Condos Wanklyn-Milot S.E.C. and Wanklyn Milot S.E.C.

Currently, the entire property is covered by one three-storey zone (H08-06). If the bylaw goes through, the property will be divided into five zones. One zone (H08-05) already exists; it includes a portion north of Jean-Milot and extends south to include the current residences on Rue des Oblats west of Cherry Lane. The smallest new zone (proposed H08-49) covers three proposed four-storey buildings next to Cherry Lane and extends north to Jean-Milot. A second new zone (proposed P08-06) covers the proposed park and Cherry Lane. The largest zone (proposed H08-07) covers the property north of Wanklyn and west of Highway 138.*

A fourth new zone (proposed H08-48) is the northeast portion of the property and falls to the west of Highway 138 just south of Jean Milot. This is the one that will be developed in future proposals.*

Some citizens expressed concern that the zone changes, if accepted, will ensure that people living south of Wanklyn have no say over future development north of the proposed park.

“At this point, it’s looking as though citizens will participate in the register for a referendum process,” said Sonia Susnjar after the meeting. Susnjar gathered signatures to block the larger Quartier de la Gare project last October. “Merlin’s decision to lower the heights of their buildings is a movement in the right direction, but we are very far from what the citizens want. From the start, we’ve made it clear that we are concerned with the number of units not just the height. We are hoping that changes can continue to be made in both height and number of units so the project can live harmoniously with its neighbours.”

During the meeting, councillors approved the urban planning committee meeting minutes from April 1 and officially approved the second reading of the four zone modifications included in the project.



*Two paragraphs changed to clarify the proposal, thanks to points made by Sonja Susjnar in the comments.

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  • Sonja Susnjar says:

    Hi Tracey,

    It is my impression that the Zone H08-05 is unchanged from last fall when I gathered signatures there against the Quartier de la Gare LaSalle. At that time it already included, at least according to the legal notices for the petitions, both the section with the HLMs on des Oblats and the section north of Jean-Milot.

    The new bylaw, according to my reading ( I obtained an enlargement of the above drawing from the borough) divides the area between Cherry Lane, Jean-Milot, Wanklyn and the 138 into four areas: 1) a park zone; 2) zone H08-47, on Wanklyn and the 138, which looks like it corresponds roughly to the Accès-Condos and social housing units in the promoter’s plan; 3) Zone H08-49 which will be along part of Cherry Lane and touching Jean-Milot; and 4) a zone you have not named, H08-48, which is in the northernmost part of the development, on Jean-Milot and along Hwy138, and which seems to correspond to the entirely private, densest, and most profitable part of the development slated to be built for 2014-2016.

    This last two zones are also the the zones for which (it is my impression) citizen impact would be limited for any revisions after this bylaw passes since if the four zone division is passed, H08-48 will be bordered by three zones owned by the F.T.Q. on which there will be no residents for a couple of years yet, and only two or three other zones with citizens, one of which has a seniors residence or nursing home on it only, i.e. people who may not find it easy to get to city hall to sign a register. Actually, looking at the drawing again, I see that H08-49 will have only one zone contiguous, H08-05 with citizens in it. Also, citizens south of Wanklyn in zone H07-36, comprising Stinson, Belanger and Trésor-Caché streets, who now have a say about this development because Stinson touches Wanklyn at its northernmost end, will be completely excluded because no longer contiguous to either of these zones.

    Actually, these citizens on Stinson etc. should be very concerned because the numerous future development residents, whose parking spots will be both limited in number and expensive to buy (10K-15K) will undoubtedly walk across the little used train track on Wanklyn the few meters to park on Stinson. To drive there you have to go around, but it’s only twenty or thirty meters to walk.

    These are issues I tried to raise at the last borough council meeting, but the mayor apparently misunderstood my question and in the end they said it couldn’t happen because it was an aménagement d’ensemble, but I cannot see how that changes anything. As far as I know, zoning changes can be requested at any time, and only the zones contiguous get to vote on it.

    I do not see any new zone being created east of the 138 with the new bylaw.

    Thanks again for working to inform the citizens. It is sorely needed.

    Sonja Susnjar

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