LaSalle Borough Approves Wanklyn Vote, Hospital Expansion, Public Consultation and Building Modifications

June 7, 2012

If 65 people sign a register at City Hall between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 21, the Wanklyn project will face a referendum, a reinvention or it could be halted entirely.  The rules for the register and referendum, if needed, are overseen by Quebec’s Chief Electoral Officer and managed by Lasalle Borough secretary Marc Morin.

“We are for development for this area, but we don’t believe that citizens should be fooled into accepting the current choices between an empty lot and the small city they want to build,” said Sonja Susnjar, the woman who collected signatures from zone H07-36. “On February 21, in La Presse, our Mayor was talking about building 2000 units in this area in the next few years. Unfortunately, for the developer, whatever is allowed to go on in Wanklyn will be multiplied several times.”

Borough councillors approved the date and zones at their monthly meeting on Monday. Citizens in zones H08-05, H07-36 and H07-38 will have the right to vote. That includes residents on the southeast side of rue Des Oblats, some of the houses on Wanklyn and Airlie, and those who live on Stinson, Tresor Cache and Belanger.

At their last meeting, councillors also announced a public consultation for July 3 at 6:30 p.m. The consultation will describe a zone change for zone I06-01.

A regulation to permit the transformation of double or triple-family homes to single family homes was also approved .

The process to allow the construction of two commercial buildings, one on Dollard (lot number 1 450 392) and another on St. Patrick (lot number 1 449 441) were begun.

Councillors also approved the signing of the agreement to redo the emergency ward at LaSalle Hospital.

In addition, they accepted plans to enlarge 228 7th Avenue, 9779 LaSalle Blvd. and 69 Highlands Avenue.

Contributions were made to Héritage Laurentien’s day camp ($1,500) and three schools ($300 to Notre-Dame-des-Rapides and St. Genevieve plus $2,300 to Cavelier-De LaSalle).

On the positive side, a five-year lease was approved for the Economic Development Corporation quarters on the 2nd floor of Borough Hall at a price of $94,500.23. Funding of $17,500 from Montreal for the Airlie Bayne heat islands project was approved.

In addition to the Wanklyn Project, residents asked about parking on private property, the signing of public parking lots, fence height, how long potholes might take to repair, sewage system repairs and the need for landscaping of public land to prevent residence flooding.

One citizen delivered a petition in favour of the demolition of a building on the Chatelle Road. Residents of the same street delivered a petition against the demolition of the same building at a previous meeting. At that meeting, councillors had not yet heard of the project.


Note: A previous version of this article appeared on p 14 of the Suburban City Edition on June 6, 2012.

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