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News Reporting

Senior’s dentures lost at LaSalle Hospital, receives payment for replacement

A LaSalle senior who lost her dentures at the hospital after staff threw them out received a partial payment from the CIUSSS after a reporter asked for the proper claim form, which includes a checkbox for dentures. Read the original story by clicking on the photo above.

Muff makers

Lucy Anglin with Jane Fyfe and Mary Moshopoulis

Unique muffs calm Alzheimer's and dementia patients 

A group of West Island women have been knitting and distributing memory muffs for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia across the island. Read the rest of the story by clicking on the photo above.

Court rejects Val Martin multiplex expropriation

Last April, Quebec Superior Court denied Laval the right to expropriate one of three properties deemed necessary for the Val Martin revitalization. Read the rest of the story by clicking on the photo above.

Floods join stories about Crawford Bridge School, construction etc.
Floods are on everyone's mind right now. My heart goes out to people in Rigaud, Ile Mercier and Ile Bizard,who were[...]
In the April 26 issue of the Suburban
I have more stories than usual in last week's Suburban. Most of my stories are in the West Island and[...]
Senior with food intolerance struggling
Recently, Margaret Duthie, the president of the Quebec chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association, contacted the Suburban to ask for[...]


Which public consultations attract you?
This week, LaSalle, Verdun, and other boroughs in Montreal announced new ways for residents to participate in public consultations. I[...]
The struggle to create safe clean social housing in Quebec
Four years ago, Verdun borough mayor Jean-François Parenteau agreed to build social housing on a municipally-owned lot on Gaetan Laberge[...]
Quebec needs a sunshine law
When Laval independent councillor Pierre Anthian questioned why bureaucrats deemed his research expense claims invalid, he raised two important issues[...]

In late 2014, I participated in a consultation about the Montreal Agglomeration Land-Use and Development Plan. Since then, the CMM has released reports about economic, agricultural and flood zone development but few measures assist to encourage transparency and citizen involvement. Click on the photo above to read my recommendations to make this happen.

Coderre Team in Verdun

From June until November 2017, I campaigned to become borough councillor for Desmarchais Crawford in Verdun. After losing in a two-person race with 37% of the vote, I wrote my reflections. You can read by clicking on the photo above.


Floodzone segment starts at 33 minutes and 40 seconds

Last November, Richard Dagenais invited me, Ethan Cox and Justine McIntyre to a CityLife panel on Videotron's MAtv about the City of Montreal's lack of a solid policy to stop building on dangerous flood zones despite the CMM plan released the previous month. Click on the photo above to watch the entire episode or tune in Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. or after that to see this week's show.


Lorne Trottier’s Ever-Expanding Universe
[thrive_link color='blue' link='[https://www.mixcloud.com/TraceyArial/unapologetically-canadian-episode-17-lorne-trottiers-technological-and-scientific-exploration]] Listen to Unapologetically Episode 17: Lorne Trottier[/thrive_link] If there’s anyone who knows how to use the study[...]
Yoshua Bengio: the man leading Montreal’s Artificial Intelligence movement
If Montreal’s prominence in the evolution of an artificial intelligence industry in the past five years is primarily due to[...]
The Hornsteins created an enduring legacy in arts philanthropy
When two Polish Holocaust survivors arrived in Canada from Rome in 1951, they weren’t planning to become Montreal’s most generous[...]
My Yolande James cover story in the Montrealer this month!
My feature on Yolande James is the cover story in The Montrealer this month! Just as we were going to[...]
Gabriel Safdie: Canadian immigrant still happily giving back
Is it possible to grow a business, maintain an active artistic career, and help support your community, all at the[...]
Canadian Centre for the Great War
On the 4th of November, the Galerie Gora hosted an unusual art display of a dozen Belle Époque posters from[...]