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Ice Restaurant Opened at Centropolis January 6 - ArialView

Ice Restaurant Opened at Centropolis January 6


After almost two weeks of construction with giant snow-blowers and ice carvers, Laval’s new ice restaurant opened at Centropolis last Sunday.

The ice igloo offers up to 60 foodies the chance to enjoy gourmet meals in a wintery atmosphere, complete with fur-lined ice benches and tables carved out of ice. With a constant temperature of minus five degrees Celsius, this is one place that insists you keep your coat and gloves on to eat!

“This kind of project fits perfectly with our trademark,” says Centropolis marketing director Catherine Quintal. “It confirms us as an ideal location for all those who love novelty.”

Known as Amarula, the ice restaurant is located at Place O, just in front of the Colossus Laval Movie Theatre. Quintal thinks that Saturday’s $20 brunch could combine nicely with the afternoon animation at the refrigerated ice rink for a mini-getaway for families.

A brunch menu of French toast or ham and eggs will be prepared with care by Chef Eric Gonzalez from Auberge Saint-Gabriel. Gonzalez ran Montreal’s ice restaurant last year, but he’s moved to Laval for this season.

He’s also created a panini and soup lunch that sells for $22.50 for adults or $16 for children from Monday until Friday from 11:30 until 3 p.m.

A three-course dinner is also available daily. The dinner menu includes soup or salmon with duck or risotto and costs $69 per adult or $16 for children. All dinner patrons get free tickets to check out Montreal’s Snow Village in Parc Jean-Drapeau.

If you want to go, make reservations on the website at http://www.snowvillagecanada.com/ice-restaurant/laval/ or by contacting the Snow Village at (514) 788-2181 or (855)788-2181.

Laval’s Ice Restaurant operates until March or so, when it will melt away.


Note: This story appeared on p2 of the Suburban on January 2.

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