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Interview on Mutsumi's Book Club

Listen to my interview with Mutsumi Takahashi from the CTV radio news team.

Family History Book Available

Nine of us have compiled family stories about our ancestors into a new book called Beads in a Necklace.

It's also on sale for $20 in Montreal at:

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    Livres Presque 9/Nearly New Books, 5885 Sherbrooke O; Montreal, Quebec H4A 1X6, (514) 482-7323,
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    Coles, 366 Avenue Dorval, Dorval, QC H9S 3H8;
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    Clio, Plaza Point-Claire, 215 N. St. Jean, Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 3J1
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    May’s Studio, 459 Main Road, Hudson, Quebec.

Genealogy Stories on the Arialview blog

Visit Picton for insight into military ancestors from WWII
Imagine turning a corner and seeing rows upon rows of green painted wooden buildings as far as the eye can[...]
Kitty Freeman: WWII Heroine and Food Research Pioneer
Kitty Freeman: WWII Heroine and Food Research Pioneer This week, we commemorate the public service contributions of trained dietitian and[...]
Original Arial Family of Western Canada
They sat and stood calmly for the formal portrait. No one smiled. An accompanying photocopy with names scrawled on each[...]
Charlotte and Arthur’s War-Time Wedding
I never asked my great granny Charlotte about her wedding, but the records I’ve found hint at lots of intrigue.[...]
La Cadie before Evangeline
Ten generations before I was born, and for at least three generations before that, my French-speaking ancestors settled in Port[...]
Discovering Scottish and Irish Roots
My former red hair often had people asking where in Scotland I’m from. For years, I knew of no Scottish[...]
What does researching our ancestors tell us?
The first ancestor I chose to research in detail lived in Quebec City two centuries ago. Her birth took place[...]
Getting Quotes from Attestation Papers
Attestation papers include declarations or oaths military recruits said out loud Fourteen days after Canada declared War on Italy and the[...]
The Kings’ Daughters: They came to populate New France*
As she boarded the great ship Phoénix de Flessingue in May 1663, Catherine Barré knew she would never return to[...]
Women Heroines at La Poudrière during WWI
During World War I, 4,000 people, many of them women,  assembled eight million fuses in a building locally known as[...]

History Stories on the Arialview Blog

John Buchan: Author, Pacifist, Canadian
People often wonder why no one tried to stop Hitler before 1939. One answer is the influence of pacifists, including[...]
Three falls from the sky
The old Edmonton newspaper clipping doesn’t include a clear date, but was written sometime well after January 1942 and prior[...]
Farewell Sergeant Himphen
I have been searching for any information about my dad Sergeant Richard Charles Himphen since I was a very little[...]
Which family members lived during World War II?
According to my genealogy software, there are 66 people in my current family tree who were alive when Canada declared[...]