Food Revolution Summit Provides Great Learning

John and Ocean Robbins set up an annual Food Revolution Summit every April that has given me more nutritional and medical knowledge than any other activity I’ve ever participated in, including that time I had to meet with a nutritionist about my own diet.

The event  features his John interviewing 25 experts who explain why we all have to change how we eat to survive. The sessions are free for  eight days. After that, the Food Revolution sells mp3 copies of all the interviews as a way to fund raise for their organization. I’m always an affiliate of the event, so if you use my affiliate link to sign up for the conference and then you purchase something, I get a commission. I don’t have my link for 2018 yet, but when I do, I’ll update this post, probably in March, but maybe as late as early April.

The first time I listened to this event, I heard the following speakers:

Mimi Guarneri speaking about Integrative Health.

David Perimutter presenting the gut-brain connection.

Ron Finley who spoke about growing healthy food and communities.

Jane Goodall, who needs no presentation.

David Katz, who spoke the Optimal Diet for Human Beings.

Susan Pierce Thompson spoke about achieving permanent weight loss.

Have you ever participated in this summit? If so, who were your favourite speakers.


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