Family History Writing 2014 Begins!

Today is the beginning of Family History Writing 2014.

Lynne Palermo, from challenges all of us to place a family history story on our blogs every day this month. She’s also created an online forum so that those of us participating can ask questions and share our work with one-another.


I’m participating for the first time. My challenge is to begin communicating some of the stories about ancestors identified by my grandmother, Anne Marguerite Hurtubise Arial, in a family tree that goes back to 1589. Looking through her documents shows how hard researching family history used to be prior to the on-line resources we have today. Marguerite’s documents include letters to researchers, cousins and authorities, mostly in Quebec, where many of her ancestors hail from. She’d be blown away by the National Archives digital resources now available via, especially Iris and Pistard.

Although all of her work seems to be accurate so far, few sources and original documents are included in the package of material passed on to me. After digitizing her work, I’m now redoing her research and attaching sources to it for future generations. I’m also working on the family tree on my mother’s side.

This month, I’ll share some of the stories I’ve discovered while redoing her research. My plans appear in the publishing schedule below.

Tracey’s Family History Writing 2014 Publishing Schedule

Sincere Sundays Mystery Mondays Catholic Tuesdays Women Wednesday Travelling Thursdays Friday fact du jour Sharing Saturdays
1 Family History Writing Challenge begins
2 What do our ancestors’ lives tell us? 3 Which family members lived during WWII? 4 Joseph Dufour’s farm 5 Louise Thérèse Lareau 6 Farewell Sergeant Himphen 7 Soldier service records 8 Federation of Genealogical Societies
9 Are we responsible for ancestors’ mistakes? 10 Why did Charlie’s family return to Canada? 11 Marie Louise Allard 12 Étiennette Alton 13 Anne Josephe Gourdine’s trip to Canada 14 Gutenberg project 15 Sandra Goodwin’s Maple Stars &
16 Where is the line between fiction and nonfiction? 17 When was that carriage ride when Leonora was crying? 18 Communal living in Sarsfield 19 Sophie Henault-Canada 20 Anne Marie-Therese Pimpurniaux’s trip to Canada 21 1881 Census 22 Find a Grave
23 What’s the difference between a genealogist and a historian? 24 When did Jean-Baptiste Mathieu Arial become a soldier? 25 Julie Belleau (LaRose)  26 Suzanne Durand 27 Joseph Arial’s voyage west 28 Lovells’ directory

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  • Sonja Susnjar says:

    What a lovely picture of your grandmother! You can certainly see the family resemblance!

  • Mary says:

    Tracy, I look forward to reading your stories every day. We have missed them and you at the writing group.

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