Are you struggling to finish a non-fiction story?

Do you wonder if your work could be better, but you’re not sure what to do?

My four-step process helps you write compelling stories fast while feeling confident that your work is the best it can be.

  • Structure–Pick a suitable structure to automatically create your story section by section.
  • Story–Focus on surprising your reader through scrupulous detail.
  • Style–Strong style means using good grammar, active verbs and tight sentences.
  • Sound–Readers hear stories in their heads, so be sure to revise with pauses, rhythm, speed and tone in mind.

I’ve prepared one-page reports to show you how to implement each of these steps.

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If you prefer individual assistance with a particular project, contact me for a consultation.



Tracey Arial

Unapologetically Canadian Tracey Arial promotes creative entrepreneurship as an author, cooperative business leader, gardener, family historian and podcaster.

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