November 2


Valerie Plante’s “Okay, universe”

By Tracey Arial

November 2, 2020

Valerie Plante’s first book comes out in March.

The Mayor of Montreal has collaborated with graphic artist Delphie Côté-Lacroix to create a story about her political campaign. “Okay Universe” will be published by Drawn & Quarterly in March.

You can see an excerpt here.

Other than the excerpt, I have no idea how good the book will be, but I love the idea. As the first woman mayor of Montreal, Plante has an opportunity to demystify the political process for other women and men to follow in her footsteps. Plus, it will be a great keepsake to remember the campaign I ran in the same election.

The book announcement was made back in August, but I didn’t hear about it until reading a story about the project by Dan Brown.

In attempting to find out more, I also read the story by Allison Hanes that came out when Drawn & Quarterly made their announcement.

I’m definitely planning to buy a copy of “Okay Universe” when it comes out.

Tracey Arial

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