Listen to my conversation with Christine Sauer, a neuroplasticist turned coach who helps women struggling with depression and other mental health issues thrive.

In our conversation, Doc Christine describes how she loves helping people who once saw themselves as victims take charge of their lives. She talks honestly about the tough times she had creating a life that makes her happy, the dilemmas she faced when she worked as a scientist, her move from Germany to Canada with two children after her husband died and a lifestyle downsizing that she calls a relief.

“I was so shy then. People who know me now can’t believe how shy I used to be” she says of her personality when she first arrived in Halifax. “I couldn’t even think of picking up the phone to say hello because I didn’t want to bug anyone.”

When speaking about Canada, she talks about the importance of our “multicultural experiment” and her decision to become a citizen of the place she now calls home.

For more info about Christine, visit her website, her LinkedIn profile or her YouTube channel.

She also runs the Break free from depression Facebook Group.


Tracey Arial

Unapologetically Canadian Tracey Arial promotes creative entrepreneurship as an author, cooperative business leader, gardener, family historian and podcaster.

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