May 6, 2014

Verdun Student Amanda Ghandhi Wins Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal

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Beurling student Amanda Ghandhi, who lives in Crawford Park, has won a Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal for her remarkable academic performance and community leadership.

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Amanda Ghandhi taking water samples from the Douglas Institute grounds. (Photo courtesy Rohinton Ghandhi)

Honorable Pierre Duchesne, the 28th Lieutenant Governor of Quebec will present the award on May 31st at Laval Liberty High School in Chomedey. Her success will be highlighted by City Councillor Sterling Downey and Mayor Jean François Parenteau during the borough council meeting tonight.

We are extremely proud of this impressive accomplishment,” said Downey. “It’s great to see an active teen from our neighbourhood recognized for her leadership and community involvement.”

This award is the culmination of an exciting year for Ghandhi, who just got back from Ottawa last weekend. She spent last week representing Quebec students at the Encounters with Canada program for Ecology and the Environment.

Mayor Jean François Parenteau, Amanda Ghandhi and City Councillor Sterling Downey (Photo courtesy Rohinton Ghandhi)

She was also in Ottawa on April 9 with a group of Beurling students who participated in the National We Day set up by Free the Children’s Craig and Marc Kielburger. Earlier this year, she helped organize Beurling Academy’s thirty-hour fund-raiser to combat famine and was among several students who organized a charity dance that raised $1,600. According to her father, Rohinton Ghandhi, she’s also always on hand helping during open houses and promotional events or baking muffins or cakes for the various bake sales.

Ghandhi’s charity work this year was in addition to her duties as a member of Beurling Academy’s Governing Board and Student Council. She’s also on Beurling’s inter-school badminton and volleyball teams, as well as the grad-prom and yearbook committees.

Despite too many late nights during the year, her school work hasn’t suffered from all of her extracurricular activities. In fact, Ghandhi’s peers count on her to tutor math, science and English after school three days per week.

The community also benefits from Ghandhi’s involvement, particularly her enthusiasm for science. She’s a tour guide at McGill’s Redpath Museum most Sundays and she’s part of the museum’s outreach team participates on the to volunteer at science fairs throughout Montreal.


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