Eating Local Really Easy Now

July 27, 2020

Late July, early August begins a three-month local eating extravaganza.

This week, the fall strawberries, cucumbers and ground-grown tomatoes (as opposed to the good greenhouse ones I’ve been enjoying up to now) get underway. Zucchinis have already been prevalent for the last two weeks, and one of the farmers even had corn-on-the-cob last week. Add that to the onions, broccoli, salad greens and mushrooms we’ve been feasting on, and the food is good.

Lately, cooking food has become a chore, so I see lots of gazpacho, lettuce wraps and salads in my future. We’ve already had pizza once or twice a week. Since I’m gluten-free, we’ve been enjoying some from Pizza Oggi and Sabatasso’s. We always add lots of our own toppings and I like to serve mine with arugula salad too.

Thanks to my friend Margo, I’ve been enjoying L’Orpailleur‘s gris, a lovely rosé and their Reserve, my favourite white wine. Quebec wines are getting much better these days. In future, Montreal might have its own famous rosé, thanks to a roof-top vine project by Veronique Lemieux. CBC did an article about her project yesterday.

What kinds of local meals are you enjoying?

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