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Writers Grants Available in Canada

I am here to talk to you this week about grants.

Most provinces and the federal government have writer funding for individuals or groups of writers to complete projects.

They also have lots of funding for writers to visit schools or communities.

Governments also pay for writers to represent them in various places around the world.

This is the time when you need to figure out which grants you want to apply for.

Actually, the Northern Territories and Manitoba have deadlines this month, so you got to get on it right now for those provinces. New Brunswick is in mid-February.

Manitoba, Ontario and Prince Edward Island are in March.

In April, the federal government.

Saskatchewan, B.C. and also Alberta have March 1st publishing grant deadlines.

The Cultural Council cooperation grant allows creators in New Brunswick and Quebec to cooperate and that has a deadline this year of April 20th.

Indigenous artists can apply for grants any time as can Quebec artists

So basically I’m here to encourage you to go public doing really great work and get a grant.

I really hope that you have a wonderful week working as a creative in intended.

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Generating Gratitude for Business Success

Gratitude is the first video in my new series about the Canadian Creative Solopreneur Life. Every Sunday, I’m going to post a video about the way things have been going in my online business development.

This week we start at zero revenue and lots of expenses. I have hosting services for a WordPress blog, 10 domain names, a Thrive Themes membership, a Teachable membership, a YouTube channel and monthly coaching.

I’ve created an initial set of products–four courses to help genealogists create family history stories from their research into Canadian military documents, census records and travel documents. In a future video, I’ll speak about that process. For more information, visit the Notable Nonfiction Academy.

In my weekly discussion about my online business this week I’m going to be talking about gratitude.

Stop Wallowing in Complaining Out of Action Mode

I’m starting with gratitude because I’ve been generating gratitude to stop myself from wallowing in a complaining out of action mode, which I do quite a lot of, unfortunately.

So do you have had a WordPress site? If so, how is Gutenberg working for you?

Gutenberg Misery

I attempted to use Gutenberg for a full two weeks of misery before happily downloading the classic editor and then being very very happy. So my WordPress site is now faster.

I’ve had my own personal artist’s website write web website online since 1995 and I’ve always built it myself. The first one I built out of HTML code for the first four years or so.

I love WordPress and so when WordPress turned into the Gutenberg editor and it was very clearly not working for me, I was really wondering what I was going to do.

Process using Word, Evernote and Thrive

It’s not that I don’t like page builders. I have the Thrive Themes Architect and I actually love that when I need it but I don’t need it for most of the posts I do.

Most of the posts I do are I’m just writing something in another sought piece of software like Evernote or Word or whatever and then I just copy and paste it into the classic editor and then add pictures, change things to quotes or add headings if I need to, listen to Yost SEO and do whatever I need to do to make a decent blog post.

Gutenberg wasn’t working for me, so initially I thought that maybe it would work better on my phone but on my phone I couldn’t even see the squares let alone manipulate them, add to them or make a post.

Anyway, thank you to the WordPress community.

Yippee for the Classic Editor

Already, the classic editor has been downloaded a million times and Automattic, the people who own WordPress, say that they’re going to be supporting it till at least 2022. So I just am feeling so grateful for WordPress.

Now it feels like a gift actually putting me through this. After attempting to use this new piece of software that I really didn’t like and then being able to put the plugin, which I just put in yesterday and it works like a dream and it works exactly the way and everything works the way I want it to.

It’s like oh I love this. And again I get to stay a WordPress geek. Thank you very much.

I did hear one podcast of a fella who actually likes Gutenberg but most of the people who have been talking about it have not found it ultimately wonderful.

If you have a WordPress site, you can get a plugin. It’s just called Classic editor and it’s going to be supported until at least 2022. And even the comments say that it will be supported longer than that if needed. Obviously, WordPress has realized that a lot of its core users, the people like me have very simple blogs and they don’t need all that kind of stuff.

Grateful for 49 Technology Companies

Under gratitude for my business, it’s not just WordPress that I’m grateful for, but I’m also grateful for the 49 different companies that I use for my online work including Thrive Themes and Smarty Pants, my blog host company. I also have 27 different plugins including Akismet, which is the spam blocker, Teachable which I’ll be talking about in a couple of weeks.

I encourage every single non-profit that I work for to use WordPress, including Genealogy Ensemble on WordPress dot com.

It’s just a joy to use.

Anyway, I’m feeling gratitude for all of those companies that are supporting this online endeavour.

Grateful to Partners Offline Too

I’m also grateful for the offline people who support me. Obviously my personal family and urban agriculture people, such as the members of the Coopérative Abundance Urbain Solidaire (which is CAUS, the nonprofit Urban abundance Solidarity Co-op here), Grand Potager, Groundit, Compost Montreal, Ouishare, Sensorica, the borough of Verdun…there’s a heck of a lot of people doing things to try and make the world a better place in my local neighborhood. And I’m so grateful for them all.

The other thing that I wanted to mention about gratitude is that I’ve been able to actually use it when I can actually generate it, which I actually find very difficult.

When I’m starting to go into my little huff about how someone else isn’t doing things exactly the way that I’m doing things, if I can generate gratitude, then it can make things a lot easier.

So I’m expecting to spend a lot more time generating gratitude in 2019.

And I really hope that I’ll be able to work with you on that. So that’s where my business is this week.

Next Steps Online

Like I said I’m at zero revenue online. I’m working on setting up three different kinds of products that will be sold online including web courses and books.

Actually, when I think about it, I already have some books online already because Amazon sells my I Volunteered book and all of my Ulysses guides. Ulysses itself sells a bunch of stuff online. You can get the digital version of my hiking guide to Ontario.

So actually it’s only me who is bringing my work online personally. All of my partners have already started doing that so I’m really grateful for them as well. And I guess I’ll see you next week.

Thanks. Bye.


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