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LaSalle to consult about rail line zone change


The borough of LaSalle plans to hold a consultation about changing the zones of 29 current properties, including the old railway line between Angrignon Park and Highway 138 in part to “authorize a multimodal link for public and active transport.”

The meeting takes place in Borough Hall on Monday, February 8 at 7 p.m.


Notice about the consultation appeared on page 19 of the LaSalle Messenger but did not appear on the borough website. According to that notice,

“The project…is subject to approval by referendum.”

During Monday’s council meeting, Sonja Susnjar asked what the project will include and whether it will simply cut off residents from south of the old rail line from participating in future consultations about development in Wanklyn and on the Fleischman property after the yeast company closes.

“It seems clear that this project could include buses, but it’s not clear what else it might include,” she said. “Also, I’m worried about whether this is just an attempt to prevent citizens from participating in future consultations. All the people south of this zone, particularly those on Stinson, have already signed petitions against the current Wanklyn project. I dearly hope that the Public Consultation Office will recommend against that project, but if they do, and another one comes forward, doesn’t this zone change split the borough in two?”

Acting mayor Nancy Blanchette assured Susnjar that no project is currently proposed, but that the borough simply wants to make future projects possible.

Susnjar then asked why councillors had to convene an extraordinary meeting at 8 a.m. on Thursday, January 21 to ensure that they could enact the zone change this month.

Blanchette simply repeated that “for the instant, the project is not on the table.”

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