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I officially became an urban agriculture entrepreneur in 2013, after joining friends to co-found the Urban Abundance Solidarity Cooperative (CAUS) in Verdun.

Our company created and manages:

  • seven shared gardens in Crawford Park,
  • two family farmers’ markets during the summer, and
  • an aquaponics model project at the Douglas Research Institute.

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Food-to-table consultant

You can hire me to help you set up your kitchen for healthy home cooking from fresh local produce and carefully-selected ingredients. I also have a workbook available to help you live gluten-free.

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Permaculture Garden Design

  • Do you want more food in your landscape?
  • Do you want to create a garden that attracts bees, birds or butterflys?
  • Are you trying to create a seasonal oasis?
  • Do you want a landscape design with plants that stay healthy despite the extreme temperature fluctuations and strong winds typical in Montreal?
  • Are you trying to plant trees, bushes and gardens around your home to improve energy costs while providing food?
As a certified permaculture designer, I can help you create an edible landscape near your home that takes into account climate and environmental factors. As a gardener with more than 20 years of growing experience in a shady, sunny and windy, locale, you can also hire me to help you create an easy-to-care for garden of beauty.

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