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Questionable Sale of Public Lot on Jean-Béraud Transferred to Police

The City of Laval has referred the conditions around the sale of a former city-owned lot on Jean-Béraud to the Sûreté du Québec. The referral took place on October 22, after Andrew McIntosh from Agence QMI published an article showing that the sale provided more than a million dollars profit to Les Placements Rizzuto (1982) Inc.

According to McIntosh, the city of Laval sold a 10,667 square-metre empty lot, Lot 1,732,094, to Les Placements Rizzuto (1982) Inc. in February 2010 for $463,000. The city did not set up a public tender, nor did they get a real-estate agent to evaluate its value. Instead, Laval’s executive committee approved the sale at an in-camera meeting in 2008. The money wasn’t transferred to Laval until February 2010 when the sale was finalized.

The sale documents were signed by Mélina Rizzuto, the daughter of former senator and Liberal Party organizer Pietro Rizzuto. According to Revenue Quebec, Mélina Rizzuto serves as secretary of Les Placements Rizzuto (1982) Inc. Giuseppe Zambito, the father of Lino Zambito, who testified at the Charbonneau Commission, is among the administrators.

On October 27, eight months after the sale was finalized, the territory was resold to 3562514 Canada Inc. for $1,675,000. According to McIntosh, the company owns the BMW and Mini auto dealership across the street from the empty lot. Revenue Quebec says the organization is owned by Gérardo D’argenio and 3562522 Canada Inc., which is also run by D’Argenio. D’Argenio has also donated to the federal Liberal Party.

The City of Laval has refused to comment while the police investigation is underway.

Note: This article appeared in the North & East version of the Suburban on Thursday, November 15.

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Laval Postpones Assigning Road, Sewage and Water Contracts until Provincial Anti-corruption Law In Place

At their regular council meeting on November 5, the City of Laval decided to postpone assigned road, sewage or aquaduct public work contracts until after the province passes its anti-corruption bill.

The announcement was made by Basile Angelopolous, the vice-president of the city’s executive committee during the city’s regular council meeting.

“This affects about $14 million worth of contracts,” says Johanne Bournival, the attaché de presse for Laval’s executive council. “We want to act responsibly and take every measure to act diligently.”

Laval will continue granting of contracts related to health, public security and services to the public, as well as those subject to grants from the provincial and federal governments.

Note: This article appeared in the November 8, 2012 North & East version of the Suburban.

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Citizen Consultation: Five-Year Waste Reduction

Can Laval cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in the next five years? Does the city need composting and biomethanation centres and where would they go? What kind of containers do citizens want to use for garbage, compost and other waste?

Monday, November 12 is the deadline for submitting answers to these questions to the city.

It’s all part of an official process towards creating a five year strategic plan (2012 until 2017) for waste reduction in Laval.

A 40-page document on the Laval city website outlines the steps the city believes are necessary over the next five years.

An official consultation will also take place on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at Pavillion Bois Papineau, 3235 blvd. St. Martin east, room 10. Organizations will present at assigned times in the afternoon, while an open public hearing will occur from 7 until 10 p.m. in the evening.

City officials and experts will attend, but the meeting itself will be led by two commissioners from the public office of consultation, Luc Ouimet and Jean Hubert.

After the hearings, the city plans to hire a neutral consultant who can prepare a report and present a proposed strategic plan.

Any organization or citizen can participate by sending a memorandum by email to or by mail to memorandum pgmr, 1 place du souvenir, c.p. 422, succ. St. Martin, Laval, H7V 3Z4.

Note: This article appeared in the November 8 North and East edition of The Suburban.

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Montreal Archipelago Project Now Has 101 Partners

Montreal joined those asking Quebec for an official greenbelt around the island last month.

On May 14, Montreal City Council voted to become a partner in the Montreal Archipelago Ecological Park, known in French as Les Partenaires du Parc Écologique de l’Archipel de Montréal (PPEAM).

The idea was launched by the Green Coalition in 2007 and immediately received support from 80 conservation groups, municipalities, political parties and others. Every year, others join the call for a greenbelt around Quebec’s most important economic generator.

According to an article by Monique Beaudin in the Gazette,

the park plan calls for the protection of forests and wetlands in a 14,000-square-kilometre area between Lachute in the west and Sorel in the east, from the foothills of the Laurentians in the north to the United States border in the south.”

The partners include:*

Regional Environment Councils

1.         Conseil régional de l’environnement de Laval
2.         Conseil régional de l’environnement de Lanaudière
3.         Conseil régional de l’environnement des Laurentides
4.         Conseil régional de l’environnement de la Montérégie
5.         Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal

Towns, Cities and Boroughs

6.         Ahuntsic-Cartierville Borough
7.        Beaconsfield
8.         Boisbriand
9.         Boucherville
10.       Brossard
11.        Côte Saint-Luc
12.        Hudson
13.        Longueuil
14.        Montreal
15.        Montreal West
16.        Notre-Dame-L’île-Perrot
17.        Plateau Mont-Royal
18.        Pointe-Claire
19.        Rosemont La Petite-Patrie
20.        Saint Anne de Bellevue
21.        Senneville
22.        Westmount

Citizen Groups

23.        Action pour l’environnement (APES)
24.       Alliance Southwest21
25.       Approche-Nature de Montréal
26.       Association Arboretum Morgan
27.       Association des Citoyens Perrotdamois
28.       Association pour la protection des milieu humides de la Cumberland
29.       Association pour la protection du parc de la Cité
30.       Association pour la protection du boisé Ste-Dorothée
31.       Association for the protection of Angell Woods
32.       Association pour la santé environnementale du Québec
33.       Centre d’écologique urbaine de Montréal
34.       Centre d’information sur l’environnement de Longueuil
35.       Citoyens pour une qualité de vie
36.       Citoyens pour le Bois Franc
37.       Citoyens pour les forêts Annebelloises
38.       Coalition Verte
39.       Coalition des amis du parc Jarry
40.       Coopérative du Grand-Orme
41.       Comité ad hoc de Milton Parc pour sauveguarder Parc Oxygène
42.       Comité des citoyens pour l’aménagement du boisé Saint-Sulpice
43.       Comité écologique du Grand Montréal
44.       Comité environnement des citoyens de Dorval
45.       Comité Environnement les Moulins
46.       Comité de sauvegarde du patrimoine bâti et naturel du quartier Desmarchais-Crawford de l’arrondissement Verdun
47.      Comité Pour la Préservation du secteur des Rapides de Cheval Blanc
48.      Comité pour la protection du patrimoine – Île des Soeurs
49.      Comité pour la Protection de l’environnement
50.      Comité pour un environnement sain à Roxboro/DDO
51.      Corporation de la protection forestière en Beauce-Etchemin (CPFBE)
52.      Corporation pour la mise en valeur du bois de l’Équerre
53.      Éco-Nature, Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles
54.      Environ Mille-Îles
55.      Environnement Nature Boucherville
56.      Expedition Montreal Route Bleue
57.      Flora Quebeca
58.      Fondation David Suzuki Montréal
59.      Fondation Rivières
60.      Front Vert
61.      Greening Marianopolis
62.      Green Schools Coalition
63.      Greenpeace
64.      Green Warriors
65.      Go Green Hudson
66.      Héritage Laurentien
67.      Héritage Saint-Bernard
68.       Institut Québecois de la biodiversité
69.      Jardin Collectif de l’Allee des Tanneries
70.      Jeunesse Coalition Verte
71.      La Cour Calixa Lavallé
72.      Lake Ashton Land Owners Association
73.      Le Groupe uni des éducateurs-naturalistes et professionnels en environnement
74.      Le Mouvement Écologique du Haut-Richelieu
75.      Le regroupement de citoyens de Saraguay inc. (1987)
76.      Les amis de Meadowbrook
77.      Les sentiers verts de l’ouest de l’île
79.      Nature Connection
80.      Nature Québec
81.      Patrimoine Naturel île de Soeurs
82.      Projet Rescousse
83.      Protection des Oiseaux du Québec
84.      Regroupement environnemental Jérômien
85.      Regroupement pour le jardinage écologique de Longueuil
86.      Regroupement Québec Oiseaux
87.      Sauvons nos boisés et milieux humides
88.      Senneville As a Village Environment (S.A.V.E.)
89.      Sirra Club du Canada, section du Québec
90.      Souvons nos trois grandes îles de la rivière des Mille îles
91.      Sentiers Vaudreuil Soulanges (SVS)
92.      Societe d’Histoire de Pointe-Saint-Charles.
93.      Société du patrimoine de l’Ouest-de-l’île
94.      SOS Dorval
95.      SOS Planete
96.      Triangle Vert Quebec
97.      Union Pour les Droits de la Nature
98.      Vigile Verte
99.      Vigilance Action Citoyens
100.    Voix pour la Nature
101.     Walk the Region


For more information about the Archipelago in French, click on the PPEM button on the green coalition website at

Read the Gazette story at:


Originally, this list incorrectly included groups who are not partners in the project, although they have sent letters of support, such as Mascouche, Eco Justice, ZIP Ville Marie, SNAP and the political parties: Parti Vert du Canada, Parti Vert du Quebec, Parti Québecois, Projet Montréal, Parti Liberal du Canada, Québec Solidaire and Nouveau Parti démocratique du Canada.

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Farm Fresh Produce in the City

Permiculture Success

Fresh apples, fall lamb, guinea fowl plus pears, raspberries, chives and lots of picnics at a farm a couple of hours drive away.

Those are all the dreams awakened as I signed up for an annual membership in Miracle Farms,, a permiculture apple orchard run by my neighbours Stefan and Doreen.

My membership in the farm combines with a weekly basket from the rooftop urban farm called Lufa,, a seasonal basket with a CSA farmer through Equiterre,, chickens from another farmer and beef from a third farmer to provide most of what my family of four needs.

The opportunity to purchase farm-fresh produce and meat is something that is possible for anyone living in Montreal, but it’s not enough.

I also order milk in glass bottles and lots of organic goodies from my favourite organic grocery store that are delivered to our home from Visits to my local IGA, Becks on Champlain Street occur at least once every two weeks or so.

That doesn’t even include the Saskatoon berries, rhubarb, asparagus, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, peas, beans, raspberries and arugula we grow in our own garden.

It takes one heck of a lot of food to feed four hungry people!

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