Notable nonfiction authors focus on telling the truth within captivating stories told via creative techniques. When done well, our stories read like fiction.


Improve your Craft with a Writing Reference Book
Are you a word nerd? If so, consider getting a writing reference book from the following list and support your[...]
Want to change the world by writing? Ten Writers show you how.
Have people improved the world by writing? Of course. Every great movement towards freedom, responsibility, economic viability and health has begun[...]
What can you learn from Obama’s farewell speech?
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Outliers: Ten Lessons about Success
Malcolm Gladwell wants to change how people think about success with his 2008 book, Outliers. Successful individuals do not get[...]
The Power of Speech: Tips from Three Famous Speakers
Powerful speeches stay popular long after their initial use because of originality, timeliness and character. The emotion a person has[...]
Design via Style Guide
By following instructions in style guides, writers can give readers consistent visual clues to the place, values and identity of[...]


My Three Favourite Website Tools for Writers
There are lots of different possible website tools for writers. Here are the three I use most. Google Almost everything[...]
Technical Tools for Writers
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Four Crucial Social Media Tools
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Writing Guides

Canadian Press Stylebook
This revised 1940 classic makes a handy companion to the Chicago Manual of Style for Canadian writers. I have the[...]
Eats, Shoots & Leaves
If you think grammar can't be fun, this book is definitely for you. As Louis Menand points out in his[...]
Notable Nonfiction: Chicago Manual of Style
For the most complete style guide possible, refer to the Chicago Manual of Style. Originally written in 1906 for scholarly book and[...]
On Writing Well
Reading William Zinsser's classic tome, On Writing Well is like travelling with a beloved mentor. Every page summarizes important lessons[...]
The Elements of Style
William Strunk and E.B. White's Elements of Style makes grammar easy. The 105-page book makes for a quick read too. Despite[...]