Angrignon Park at Night


The best thing about last night’s late night walk in Angrignon Park was hearing a screech owl.

They aren’t common in this area, so Sarah, our GUEPE ( ) tour guide said, but this year there are more of them around than usual. At least one lives in the park now.

The 97ha green space is named after J.-B. Arthur Angrignon (1875-1948), who served on Côte Saint-Paul city council for several years. A former road, now split into a walking area and bike path weaves through three wooded areas from de La Verendrye Street to the last stop on the green Metro line. A bridge leads across a split pond to the Metro, but this isn’t the 1.1km-long pond that you see if you look at the park using Google Earth.

In the space of two and a half hours, we heard three owls and saw deer mice, skunks, wood toads, big waterbugs, centipedes, moths, shad flies and lots of other insects. The deer mouse was caught in one of ten mini-trips set up for the 2012 Bioblitz, organized by Heritage Laurentian

We also saw a huge party of teenagers as we entered the park on one side. Meanwhile, our walk through the woods on the other side was quiet enough to allow us to listen for frogs and owls. We finished our walk near the pond, next to a light trap set up by l’Association des entomologistes amateurs du Québec so that we could see the many night insects. There were two young entomologists in the ponds digging out the most interesting water creatures, although I didn’t care as much about those. A very large otter swam by while we watched.

After that, we got lost briefly in the woods before heading home, past a mini-bonfire set up by the teenagers. As we walked passed, the teens began running away from a police cruiser that just pulled up. We saw a fire truck with its lights on pull in to the park as we left.

All in all, another great date with hubby Pedro. Thanks dear.

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