Can you write to grow your business? Can writing inspire a new adventure? Will it help get you more exposure with local journalists? Will you become more confident about your best next steps?

The answer to all these questions is yes.

As a journalist and author for the past 25 years, I’ve learned how writing can help make dreams come true. Courage, love, adventure–writing helps you identify the changes you want and then helps build the courage that you need to make them happen. Even if you aren’t a natural writer.

You too can use writing to grow your business.

It all starts with writing your profile, which is the kind of biography a journalist writes about someone important. I’ll teach you how to do it in my Write2Grow course.

Write2Grow Course

In Write2Grow, you’ll spend five weeks writing a profile of your business.

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In learning to perfect that profile, you’ll confront your biggest fears and identify your most inspiring successes.

At the end of the course, you’ll have a compelling biography that you can use to promote your work to local journalists and business prospects and you’ll be on your way to creating a vision for a better future.

This course is for you if:

  • you’re an entrepreneur and you want to be featured in your local media;
  • you’re a business owner and you need a good biography for your website or social media;
  • you’re in transition and you’re looking for your next adventure;
  • you dream of writing a book someday and you want to get started; or
  • you aren’t a writer, but you have to submit a biography or profile as part of an important project.


I’ve helped many talented writers improve their writing. Here are some of their testimonials.

Dorothy NixonDorothy Nixon, a freelance writer  with Chatelaine, Salon.com, Today’s Parent, etc. says:

Tracey Arial is a writing wise-woman with a wealth of knowledge, both conventional and esoteric, about the craft. She is also a gifted and good-natured editor who can glean, at a glance, the strengths and weaknesses of a student’s work. She then delivers insightful strategies and useful tips on how to quickly improve. In all my years as a professional writer, I do not think I have ever met a better, or more effective, writing instructor.

Lucy AnglinLucy Anglin says:

As a novice writer trying to record family history and their stories, Tracey has been very encouraging and has given me lots of good advice.  I particularly like her “happy face” technique whereby she recognizes the best part of our short stories. I feel very lucky to have her help and encouragement.

Mary Sutherland says:

Tracey is fun! Both praise and criticism always come with a laugh. She always starts with the words, phrases or ideas in your story that she liked the best and then gives her constructive criticism. Any critique is always thoughtful and useful.

Write2Grow Journey

Your write-to-grow journey begins with your registration and submission of at least 500 words of content. This can be an outline of what your project is, a list of facts you want to include in your profile or your current biography.

Then, over a four-week period, you’ll learn how to craft your own profile the way a journalist would via the four essential steps to creating notable nonfiction. You’ll learn to write faster, rewrite when necessary, revise your work and edit carefully.

Each week, you’ll get a class, workbook or interview that highlights some of the world’s best non-fiction writing, with explanations about how to create well-written nonfiction that works well. Exercises will help you draft, rewrite and revise your work. You’ll submit your work to group story reviews in which writers comment on their own work as well as the stories of others. Active participation in these sessions will enable you to get hands-on practical experience using the four notable nonfiction writing steps to improve texts.

The course finishes with a celebration and group coaching session.

Four Essential Steps to Creating Notable Nonfiction


Our aim will be choosing a structure that enables your profile to be crafted quickly section by section.


Together, we’ll discover how great narrative and scrupulous detail surprises readers.


We’ll discuss how good grammar, active verbs and tight sentences make a writers’ voice clear and compelling.


You’ll learn how pauses, rhythm, speed and tone help readers hear and remember stories.

How much does it cost?

As part of Write2Grow, I’ll be providing $1,240 worth of materials, including:

  • Four workbooks valued at $40;
  • Four lessons valued at $400; and
  • Four group story review sessions, valued at $800.

This is the pilot version of this course, so students who sign up for this version will pay only $250 Canadian plus tax.

The first ten people who register will get an additional bonus of one hour of my time to review their individual writing project. This bonus has a value of $100.

How long can you expect it to take?

Write2Grow lasts five weeks. Students who participate fully will spend three to four hours a week listening to the exercises, doing the homework and participating in story reviews.

You’re not sure you have the time to commit to finishing all the work in that time? Don’t worry. I’ll provide tapes and pdf versions of all the essential tools so that you can finish at your leisure or complete all the exercises again using a different piece of writing.

Ready to get started?

The next Write2Grow course starts Sunday, March 26, 2017.  Register now via PayPal.