The Unapologetically podcast allows me to explore Canadian identity through my own reflections and in interviews with creators and leaders from across the country, including artists, business owners, farmers, nonprofit directors, philanthropists, politicians and writers.

Episode 1: Introduction to a Seasonal, Free and Abundant Canada

This 13-minute episode features thoughts about Canadian identity related to music, climate, political structure and overall abundance. If you want to read the text or listen to some of the Canadian music I love, visit the show notes for this episode. Note: This episode was brought to you by Notable Nonfiction. Notable Nonfiction teaches people to grow through writing. Find out more at Notable

Episode 2: Discussing community roots and being accepted for who we are with David Lefneski

Learn how individuals can use courage and integrity to create community and become accepted for who they are in this 20-minute interview with David Lefneski, the leader of Verdun's Southwest United Church and Mission. 

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