Do you care about?

  • ecosystem protection,
  • local news in LaSalle, Verdun or Montreal,
  • non-fiction literature,
  • political responsibility,
  • successful business operations,
  • travelling under human power, or
  • writing about your ancestors.

If so, I have a product or service you can use.

My name is Tracey Arial. I’m a non-fiction writer and permaculture gardener inspired by natural abundance in which people, politics and nature strengthen one another.

I specialize in communications and urban agriculture. Read about what’s happening on the islands of Montreal and Laval on this Arial View blog or weekly in the Suburban. I also write business profiles and news articles for other publications.

My books feature active transportation in Ontario, history worth remembering and political action for writers. I’m currently examining the economic benefits and social wounds of Canada due to World War II.

I  also assist small business owners, genealogists, and students to write notable non-fiction via a four-step program. Registration for my group class opens annually. If you prefer individual attention, contact me for a free consultation.

I’m also a permaculture designer and cofounder of the urban agriculture cooperative CAUS.

 Other Profiles

Other information can be found via my Google+ profile at