Oct 272016
Profile Your Ancestors

I’ve just released the third video in my profile your ancestors series.

In this video, I describe how I profiled one of my ancestors in the story Anne Joseph Gourdine’s Journey to Canada using my story, structure, style, sound process. I hope this inspires you to write similar profiles about some of your ancestors.

If you want even more inspiration, check out some of the stories on Genealogy Ensemble, a writers’ group that counts me as an enthusiastic member.

I’d love to hear how you’re enjoying this series in the comments below.

How to Write2Grow

I’ve just release the third video in my Write2Grow series. This one explains how anyone can write a profile the way a journalist would by considering story, structure, style and sound. In this video, I explain the thinking behind my Comfort Wrapped in Luxury story. Hope you enjoy it!

Two new videos released

I’ve just released the second videos in my Write2Grow and Profile Your Ancestor series. The What2Write2Grow video details questions you might want to ask when working on your bio. The What Makes an Ancestor Profile Strong video features the stories I used to write three ancestor profiles. Hope you enjoy these videos! I’d love to hear […]

Why Profile Your Ancestors

I’ve just published a video outlining why I profile my ancestors. In brief, it says that genealogists who take time to write stories about their ancestors ask better questions, are able to frame their research in time and place, and communicate well. This is the first video in a series. To get them in your inbox, […]

Why Write 2 Grow?

I’ve just published a video about how writing has changed my life and that of the people around me, which has inspired my desire to help others write to grow too. This is the first video in a series. To get them in your inbox, join the Notable Nonfiction mailing list and select the “Write2Grow” […]